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Introduction to Damin Biotechnology (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2013, Damin Biotechnology (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "Damin Biotechnoloy")specialized in R&D, production and sales of biotechnology products as well as consultation in biotechnology, providing professional product and technology for many domestic and foreign well-known health care products and pharmaceutical enterprises. The company's main products include tea extracts with health efficacy (high catechinic acid/tea polyphenols, decaffeination) Plant extract products (fructus momordicae and ginseng instant powder and concentrated solution); new food materials (cissoidal broom and cyclocarya paliurus leave); meanwhile, the company has also made customization for the customers, developed all kinds of products such as substitute tea and composite solid drinks in line with the health appeals.
With the goal of being one of the major suppliers and OEM agents of health care product and pharmaceutical enterprises globally, Damin Biotechnology hopes to propel the development of China and even global health care product and pharmaceutical enterprises through its own development.

Health Products

  • Moistening lung with white

    Tonifying spleen recommendation: white kidney bean, white fungus, lily, Chinese yam, lotus root

  • Tonifying spleen with yellow

    Tonifying spleen recommendation: pumpkin, corn, soybean, burdock, tangerine peel and other materials, or green natural fruit and vegetable flours and plant extracts of Damin.

  • Nourish heart with red1

    [Heart nourishing recommendation] carrot, tomato, hawthorn, red date, wolfberry and other materials or green natural fruit and vegetable flours of Damin.

  • Tonify kidney with black

    Tonifying kidney recommendation: oat flour, semen coicis flour, barley flour, black rice flour, black fungus

  • Liver clearing with green

    [Liver nourishing recommendation] celery, cucumber, bitter melon, green apple, spinach and other materials, or green natural fruit and vegetable flours of Damin

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